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My Background


I have been an athlete my whole life have learnt the benefit of massage therapy at a young age.  Between strains, overuse injuries and just every day wear and tear from loving the outdoor life, being a massage therapy client made me realize how fascinating and resilient the body really is.  This inspired me to learn more about how the body can heal itself and how to help heal others.  Quitting a desk job and going back to school was the best thing I could have done as I now thrive on working with a variety of clients and tailor each treatment to focus specifically on what each one needs. 

I specify in neck injuries, headaches, chronic pain, sports injuries, muscle imbalances, postural issues and TMJD.  My post graduate courses include Myofascial release, deep tissue massage, TMJD, joint mobilization, remedial exercise and somatic exploration (full cadaver dissection).  I am currently studying canine massage and will soon be offering treatments for your furry friends. 

Outside of work, you can find me on the trails with my two beautiful fur babies, adventure riding on my motorbikes, working on set (I work in film as well) doing yoga, snowboarding, or just hanging out enjoying the sea to sky corridor.  


My Approach

I focus on finding the ROOT of the injury, to identify the adherence between the tissues, then work to separate them through specific fascial release techniques. Deep tissue therapy, trigger point therapy, and joint mobilizations are then applied to return the natural balance back to your body for optimal performance. 

I believe that the mind-body-spiritual connection is an integral part in healing so using the breath during treatment helps your mind trust the process and allows your body to let go, and heal. 

My goal is to guide the tissues to unwind which is what the body requires to regain its balance to heal from the many injuries the body can endure. 

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